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Real life Luna Lovegood, Shailene Woodley whipped her bare tootsies out and braved the pavements of Berlin for the Divergent premier on Wednesday.

The patchouli scented earth child didn't totally give her stylist an aneurysm and turn up in a floral patterned smock though, Woodley paired her bare feet with an ultra sophisticated plunging Zuhair Murad gown.

The [Divergent](movie:593270) star also paired the dazzling dress with an uncharacteristic full face of makeup, possibly as a cunning distraction tactic from her naked trotters. Take a peek at her controversial red carpet look below;

Did you forget something Shailene Woodley?
Did you forget something Shailene Woodley?

It should come as no surprise that Shailene Woodley decided to go sans shoes though. The star has been vocal about her dislike of footwear before by saying;

I don't like shoes ever, and so on the red carpet when I'm done with photos, I'll take my shoes off and do the rest of the red carpet, where you're doing face-to-face interviews where they don't see your whole body, barefoot. I think it made a lot of people feel very awkward

Is it just me or does Woodley look amazing? That beautiful elegant white dress looks even more ethereal without clunky heels poking out of the bottom of it, and it is probably Woodley's best red carpet look so far. Just for heavens sake watch your step Shailene!

Do you guys think this look suits Shailene down to the ground, or should she bow to convention when it comes to promoting her movies?


Shailene Woodley's style is...

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