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Did you know that a penchant for hotpants and crop tops could get you knocked up? No, neither did I, but apparently certain 'news' sources seem to think so.

Hollywood Life is reporting that Miley Cyrus is pregnant because they can tell from the way that she looks that she has been sleeping around. Yep, that's right guys. The amount of clothing that you wear scientifically balances with the amount of people you have slept with! Who knew!

Apparently Miley has been wildly partying and having casual sex with everything that moves, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. A 'friend' of the star told Life & Style that, although Miley is pregnant;

She is at the height of her career and isn’t ready for a baby. I don’t think she would even know who the father is, since she has been so promiscuous

However, others have came forward to counteract the claims, tell ing Hollywood Life;

Miley is definitely not pregnant. She takes the proper precautions for that not to happen, she is very smart about things when it comes to that and is not going to have a kid especially around this high point in her career

I think this is another rumor for my big old celebrity bull crap compost heap, and it smells terrible.

In the greater scheme of things, to say that women who dress provocatively are guaranteed to be a bunch of rabid sex crazed maniacs doesn't do much good for society. You know those people who condone sexually assaulting people because they were 'asking for it' and blame the victim? Their attitudes have to come from somewhere, and unfortunately assumptions about women like these are potent fuel. Bad Life & Style!

Who knows if Miley has been grinding her crotch on more than her army of little people, her tour bus, Santa and a bloke dressed up as Beetlejuice? I just know it's not right to imply that she is sleeping her way around America because she dresses in a way that would give your grandma a stroke.

Who bets that by the end of the week there will be reports about Miley Cyrus being so upset about the death of her dog, Floyd, because of her raging pregnancy hormones?

Do you guys really think Miley could be pregnant, or did one of those anonymous sources just need an extra fistful of cash to pay the rent this week?


Is Miley Cyrus pregnant?

(Source: Hollywood Life and Life & Style)

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