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Luke Bryan has a drink off! Country singer Luke Bryan stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show on an episode airing Thursday, April 3, 2014 where he knocked back a beer and a shot, per DeGeneres' request.

"Stars gone country! The "Country Girl" crooner, looking tan after hosting his annual spring break concerts last month in Panama City Beach, Fla., sat down with DeGeneres to discuss his partying ways. "It's the two days of my year I get to really be stupid," 37-year-old Bryan said of his annual spring break tour. "Kind of rewind the clock a bit and have some fun." The "Shake It for Me" singer added that it's the only shows where he gets to drink onstage; therefore, he drinks "a lot of beer." PHOTOS: Southern superstars DeGeneres then casually segued to note that one of her employees, Andy Zenor, "also drinks a lot of beer." She called Andy to the stage and put the two men in a beer-chugging contest. Rising to the challenge, Bryan stood up, clinked beer glasses with his opponent, and started swigging it back. Moments later, Zenor entirely destroyed Bryan, who was completely caught off-guard by his impressive drinking skills. "It's four years at a state school," he said." (u.s weekly)


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