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Jodorowsky’s DUNE is an exceptional and highly inspirational film for anyone who has an artistic endeavor or passion they want to realize. The level of creativity that spews forth from this man’s mind is almost incomprehensible as he tries to will to life his own adaptation of the novel, DUNE. Despite being said to have a touch of madness to his grand visions, Jodorowsky with his fervor for life is always such a pleasure to watch and listen. His passion for achievement cannot and should not be contained.

Fascinating how to what levels he sacrifices himself for the sake of creating his vision. A life so encompassed by his own projects to the point where the films and his own life seem to become one— where assembling his cast and crew of “warriors” for DUNE parallels the journey to the planet prophets in his film THE HOLY MOUNTAIN. How cleverly Jodorowsky had to acquire each mega star by using their own personalities and pleasures to lure them into their roles—- Like attaining Dali by outsmarting him into believing he would be the highest paid man in Hollywood, or coaxing Orson Welles into his role by being aware of his gluttonous vices and offering him the chef of hid favorite Parisian restaurant to cook all his meals while working on the film. Jodorowsky’s DUNE reminds us that aspiration can be man’s greatest tool, even when we fail. As any filmmaker would know, a project regardless of its greatness and preparedness, can still be left collecting dust and forgotten by the studios. The point is not that his project never saw the true light of day, but that despite this seemingly failure, DUNE has still influenced cinema since its conception and continues to even now. A dream can live on and continue to inspire in many forms. What matters is that minds are now open, and filmmakers can continue to dream, even if they must fight constantly to keep that dream alive. As Alejandro would agree: We must have ambition to truly live. And on a side note, instead of diciplining at our cat next time she’s incessantly yapping, we’ll just gently cradle her in our arms and softly say “Silencio, Silencio” in a loving Jodorowsky style.


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