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Nadia Robertson

After a 2nd, even better viewing, it is fair to say that ONLY GOD FORGIVES is our favorite and what we believe to be the best film of 2013 thus far. Additionally, we would say it is our favorite film of Refn’s filmography. OGF is a film of paradoxes, simultaneously high and low brow, sophisticated and primitive, narratively simple and thematically sophisticated. The film works as both a grindhouse noir and a surreal meditation on the concepts of god, humanity and justice. While obviously unconventional, 1931 highly recommends [Only God Forgives](movie:206570) in general, to every film lover (who isn’t squeamish) in hopes that the images and ideas wash over you as you experience this fevered dream of a movie, one of the great modern surrealist statements in international cinema. A great cast, beautiful cinematography, a thoughtful script and a boldness of vision come together to create a brutal masterpiece.

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