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After seeing all that Ismahawk is doing with their upcoming Nightwing: The Series fan film, my friends and I decided that we wanted to make a Fan Film series. We are just getting started, so take it easy on us. The series will have five or six episodes each focusing on a different character and on the last episode, they team up to take down a common enemy. I'll give you a run-down on what we are currently thinking about


Our story starts with Dick Grayson, which comic book fans know as the first Robin. We are going to focus on his story with the Dark Knight and others. The main villain of this will probably be Joker or Deathstroke but we don't want to rip off Ismahawk's Nightwing series so if you guys have ideas, let me know in the comments.


The next chapter in our story will be the life of Jason Todd. We are still working on exactly how we're going to do his story so I'll post more about him when we know more. But, what we do know is that he will be caught taking tires off the Batmobile and that's how Bats will find him.

We also know that Jason and Nightwing will butt heads as rivals and the main villain will be Joker (comic book fans know why!).


The third part of the series will focus on Robin #3 Tim Drake. Again, because we are just starting we don't know much, but here's what we do know. 1. The main villain will most likely be Brother Blood. And 2. that he will become Red Robin at the end

Episode 4 - Damian Wayne

And now we get to the episode that we aren't sure what we're doing with it yet. we know that we want Damian in our series, but we just haven't written any of this part yet.


This will be the big finale for our series. It will have all the Robin's putting aside their differences, teaming back up with Batman, and taking down a chunk of the Batman Rouges gallery.

Oh! I just remembered that I didn't tell you the name of our series! drum roll please

The title is...... "Robin: Legacy"!

What do ya think? It didn't take long to make that logo, so give me your honest opinion.

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UPDATE!!: Stephanie Brown has been removed. Sorry if this disappoints anyone. We will still include her!!


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