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hellur. lol. btw some of my favorite things r twilight, horses, the color blue and basketball. if u love twilight and m(team edward) plz co
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Justin bieber was accused of egging a neighbors house. whenever they investigated it turns out it was his friend who did it. they found cocaine on him and he was arrested.

Justin is still a suspect and they are investigating. The Police are still trying to find enough evidence to bring it into court. But they cannot do that until Justin has a lawyer. People think he is stalling until the case is forgotten. Justin has also been accused of spitting on a neighbor, kicking a little kid, and chasing two 12 year old's down the hill with his bike.

for everyone who loves Justin or even likes him: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUUUUUUUUUU. YOU ARE INSANE HOW COULD U LIKE HIM! hehehehe


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