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Somewhere in Kevin Feige's hidden underground lair - okay his office at Disney, close enough - is a big wall. And on that wall, all of your dreams for Marvel movies may be about to come true.

There’s a map of films reaching far into the next decade on the wall of Feige’s office. “It’s like looking through the Hubble telescope. You go, ‘What’s happening back there? I can sort of see it,’  he laughs. “They printed out a new one recently that went to 2028.”
Magic, the occult, strange tales!
Magic, the occult, strange tales!

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek - It's an excellent read btw, check it out HERE! - Kevin Feige and Disney CEO Bob Iger and Chairman Alan Horn revealed their current plan for new films going forward; including plans to pull lesser known but equally-rich characters from their 8,000+ character stable:

Iger and Alan Horn, chairman of Walt Disney Studios, recently met with the Marvel team to talk about new heroes who will be introduced in Age of Ultron and could be spun off in their own films as well.
Could they be referring to Quicksilver and Scarlet?
Could they be referring to Quicksilver and Scarlet?

Feige also reinforced his strategy of pulling from the comics for inspiration and to preserve the spirit of the what makes these stories so compelling:

“I would hear people, other executives, struggling over a character point, or struggling over how to make a connection, or struggling over how to give even surface-level depth to an action scene or to a character. I’d be sitting there reading the comics going, ‘Look at this. Just do this. This is incredible.’ ”
Batman, but with more ambition and less capitalism!
Batman, but with more ambition and less capitalism!

Best of all, chief creative officer at Marvel, Joe Quesada, reasserted their intention of remaining loyal to the hardcore comic book fans:

“Really, you have to start with the loyalists,” says Quesada. “If the loyalists reject it, then we feel that everyone is going to reject it.”

Last but not least, director James Gunn left us with a great tease of a classic Marvel villain you'll all be seeing in [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) this August!

“I think it’s going to look cool, man. I think I’m going to have him floating in space.”
If this can happen, anything can happen!
If this can happen, anything can happen!

My Take:

Films planned until 2028?! If Marvel really does manage to bump their production up to three Marvel films a year, that's 42 films by 2028, excluding 2014's roster. I can't wait to see every single one.

I also have faith that they will continue to consistently provide quality entertainment and push the envelope for what superhero films can be, crossing sub-genres like [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973), which I'm seeing tonight!

Why? Because Feige made it clear they aren't afraid to pull from the themes, spirit, and moments that defined the comics decades ago. That is so good to hear; because while it's important to adapt, evolve, and update, there's a reason those stories connected with people back then, and they still do today.

Honestly, I have a great admiration for what Marvel led by Feige is accomplishing, and I cannot wait to see the films we're getting by 2028, even if it's Squirrel Girl Vs. Doop 2.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek


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