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Godzilla is the King of Monsters and he is back this summer in what looks like it could be his biggest incarnation yet.

In most of the trailers so far, we have only seen glimpses of the gigantic beast. But two new international TV spots have been released and, while still very short, they may give us our fullest idea of what to expect from this Godzilla.

One thing is for sure: Bryan Cranston is pretty worried about it.

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Take a look at the two short TV spots below - and let us know what your favorite moment is. Godzilla swimming underneath the bridge is pretty cool:

So what did you think? Is this Godzilla the best yet? Is that the King of Monsters trapped in a sort of military pen in the second clip? And how much are you looking forward to this movie?

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This Godzilla movie is going to be...


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