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Kit Simpson Browne

The seventh and final season of True Blood finally has a premiere date. It'll be hitting our screens on June 22, taking over from Game of Thrones in HBO's 9PM slot.

The hit vampire series' final season will also be used by HBO to draw viewers to it's freshman drama series The Leftovers. The Damon Lindeloff (of Lost fame) and Tom Perrotta drama comes with a weight of expectation behind it, and with potentially controversial subject matter - the show depicts a world three years after the Rapture - HBO will be hoping True Blood's final few months can give it an audience right off the bat. The freshman show debuts on June 15 at 10PM, after the Game of Thrones finale.

What do you guys think? Will True Blood's last season be a hit? And will it bring success to The Leftovers with it? Let me know below!


With True Blood's helping hand, will the Leftovers be another hit for HBO?



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