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In a recent interview The Vampire Diaries Executive Producer Caroline Dries spoke about what the hit show has in store, both for its finale and for next season.

And, in a show dominated by characters with supernatural powers, she unusually began by talking about what might be in store next season for the one human on the show: Matt Donovan.

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Matt hasn't had an easy time living in Mystic Falls. The girl he was seeing, Nadia, was killed by his best friend Tyler (a werewolf)'s bite. But Dries said that he might get an easier time of it in Season 6.

We're going to try something in Season 6 that we've been percolating on that I think will really help Matt's storyline. It's hard to give him these overarching love storylines because we're just like, what's the genre? Genre, genre, genre. It's hard because we have like 40 hundred thousand characters on the show, you know? To give them all very interesting, dynamic story lines is hard but we have something planned for him.

And what about this season of The Vampire Diaries? Well, Dries had something to say there too. She had just handed in the script for the finale, and had this to say about it:

The finale will be emotional. We'll get to see a lot of our favorite friends from the past possibly pop in. Basically, every place on the show where s*** can possibly go wrong, it goes wrong. Just when you think, oh it can't get worse than that, it does.

While her fellow executive produce Julie Plec said:

We're going to have to say goodbye to some characters that we've grown to love over the years.

All in all, sounds like pretty heavy stuff. But what do you think? Is someone going to die in the finale of The Vampire Diaries Season 5, and if so, who?

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