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Attack on Titan is the live action movie of the Japanese manga series about a world in which giants roam the earth and people live in cities sealed off by enormous walls. And it has just cast its lead.

Harumira Mira is a Japanese singer-turned-actor - and while it is not 100% confirmed that he will play the lead character Eren Yager - it looks more than likely.

In Attack on Titan, Eren is a young whose mother is killed by Titans when the wall that protects his town is breached. In revenge, he join a military squad tasked with venturing beyond the wall and hunting the colossal creatures.

In other interesting news, filing for this movie will take place on Hasima Island off the coast of Japan, a locale which also featured as the base of Javier Bardem's cyberterrorist Silva in Skyfall.

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to Attack on Titan? Have you read the comics? And Hasima Island looks so cool, what do you think are the best locations in movie history?

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What is the coolest movie location ever?


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