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The hunky guardian of all creatures great and small, Ian Somerhalder, has once again stood up for his furry friends on Instagram.

Ian Somerhalder is campaigning against Delta Airlines for the role it plays in transporting animals to testing labs. The company, which is a partner of Air France, flies 1000's of animals such as dogs and primates in wooden cargo crates hidden from view of passengers to be involved in medical testing.

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) star posted the following caption on his Instagram account along with the video;

Wow. This is a bummer... Do we really need to test on animals still? We can send missions to mars yet we still test on animals-guess what? It's NOT NECESSARY!!!! We know this like we know the earth is round... Primates should be in trees. Not in labs

View the Instagram video shared by Somerhalder below:

Whereas animal testing is still legal in most countries, it is a deeply controversial practice that clearly Ian Somerhalder objects to with a passion.

What do you guys think of this controversial practice? Is animal testing a necessary evil to help us learn more about medical conditions that harm humans, or should it be banned?


Would you ever fly with Delta Airlines now?

(Source: Ecorazzi via Instagram)

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