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Apparently Nina Dobrev has a thing for her Vampire Diaries co-stars. The actress has been romantically linked to yet another member of the cast, and this time there isn't a Somerhalder in sight.

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) star has been spotted on a night out with Michael Trevino, who plays Tyler Lockwood in the CW series, but could they be more than just friends?

Somehow, it seems unlikely. Bowling doesn't seem like the most romantic of dates, and surely Dobrev wouldn't have put pictures on her own instagram account to avoid offending her ex, Ian Somerhalder?

That being said, they would look super cute together. As a bonus feature, Travino is just 4 years older than Dobrev meaning that the perilous age gap that soured her relationship with Somerhalder would be reduced significantly.

Dobrev does always strike me as a lady with bucketloads of common sense though and her risking working with two ex-boyfriends doesn't seem likely. Who knows though, stranger things have happened...

What do you guys think, just good friends hanging out or potential date material?


Would Nina Dobrev date another Vampire Diaries cast member?

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