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Until today, Jurassic World could have been seen as a bit of a 'boys-only club'. All the casting information we've heard, with the exception of Dallas Bryce Howard, has been purely for male roles. Luckily, the massive franchise reboot has just added three more bits of dino-bait to the line-up, and they're all lovely ladies.

[Jurassic World](movie:32752) has just cast Judy Greer, Katie McGrath and Lauren Lapkas in three currently unspecified roles. Out of these three, you're probably most likely to be familiar with Judy Greer. Fans of great comedy will no doubt recognize her as the consistently bosom-revealing Kitty Sanchez from Arrested Development, while fans of 'other comedy' will also have seen her in Two And And A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. Katie McGrath and Lauren Lapkas are currently two up-and-coming stars, having appeared in Dracula and Orange Is The New Black respectively.

And now, because there's always time to watch Arrested Development clips, here's Judy Greer in action:

What do you think of these castings? I never expected to see Greer in a big budget franchise movie, but then again I'm interested to see what she can do on the big screen. Drop your opinion below.


What's your opinion of Jurassic World's casting so far?


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