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After watching Captain America: The Winter Solider all I have to say is...awesome! The movie comes two years after the Avengers and Steve Rogers is fitting in nicely in the world now. They show him on stealth/Spec Op missions with Black Widow, who in my opinion opened up more in this movie. Rogers has been training and has some really slick fighting moves. He is more concentrated in fights. In the Avengers I thought Captain America was kind of slow....Don't get me wrong he was badass, but he did get shot at the most, getting knocked down a few times. This film really showed him changing for the good. Fury believes that something is fishy within Shield and tries to stop it, as you can see in the trailers he gets it... but good! Which leaves Steve alone with only is friends, Black Widow, Falcon, and Hill. Steve fights The Winter Solider and realizes who he really is, for the few that don't know I won't ruin it for you. Enough about the story, you wanna here about the explosions and action, plus a few Easter eggs.

The action is far more intense in the sequel. Cap is powerful, faster moves, more stealth. Similar to Black Widow with her fighting style, sneak up, spin the bad guy around and knock him out. Everyone knows that Cap really loves that shield, he uses it quiet nicely in this film. The story between Widow and Cap has changed from the Avengers, I believe they will be even closer and will be able to work even more fluidly in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Falcon was high tech with the wing suit that resembled the wing suit of Vulture in The Amazing Spider Man 2 trailer. Falcon was a good character to have in the movie, yes he was in the comics, but it was still cool to have him in there. I think we will see him return in future films possibly Age of Ultron? We have Don Cheadle and Cobie Smulders returning for Age of Ultron why not Falcon? With the Easter eggs, Arnim Zola returns in the form from the comics...a computer. Could we see him return in Cap 3 or Avengers: Age of Ultron? Working along with Baron Strucker? We also get to hear a mention of Dr. Strange...yes that's right Stephen Vincent Strange has a mention in Winter Solider. The head of Hydra is talking about all the treats to Hydra, Fury, Cap, Shield, and Strange. The fans who caught it were "geeking" out, for the few that didn't....I'm sorry it was awesome! Not only was Marvel teasing us by mentioning him slightly in Thor: The Dark World, they make it worse and say his name! Proving that we are getting a Dr. Strange movie. Could we see him appear in the post credits of Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant Man? Who knows, but we are getting a Dr. Strange movie. speaking of the post credits (SPOILERS AHEAD!) In the post credits of Winter Solider we see the "twins". Yes that's right, who will be returning in Avengers: Age of Ultron. We get a hint of the powers they have in the minute clip. I have to say... I'm impressed so far.

Guardians of the Galaxy to release before the sequel for Avengers, could we get more hints towards Age of Ultron or will they change it up. All I know is that next summer we will see the fight of the century. With Ruffalo stating that he would return for three Hulk films makes me believe that we will see Dr. Strange in 2017 with a stand alone Hulk film. That is my opinion, could I be wrong? Sure! Wishful thinking here. In any event we are going to have the next few years filled with action. leading to the biggest franchise in film. I hope you enjoy the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger.

Do you have any ideas of your own about the films coming up? Any info about future films? Winter Solider better than the first? Comment below! Leave out insults!


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