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On the off chance that you actually enjoy this show as it's delivered to you, please avoid reading this article and discovering the spoilers behind the season 2 finale of [Arrow](series:720988).

Still here? You sure? You realize that this is probably a massive reveal that's going to ruin the finale for you probably maybe?

OK, then...

Leaked set photos courtesy of Punkd Images reveal a surprise villain coming from a season 2 character you may recognize---a DC universe villain that I personally never predicted to make it on the show (but am glad she did).

Due to copyrights, we can't display the images right now. Click here to view the set photos!

That mask look familiar? This is Ravager (AKA Rose Wilson). In the comics, Ravager is Deathstroke's (Slade Wilson) daughter. You may notice that the person under the mask bears a striking resemblance to another character from the show that we already love.

That's right, the actress here is Summer Glau, who was introduced as Isabel Rochev (VP of Stellmoor International and new CEO of Queen's Consolidated). We've only just learned that Rochev has been working with Slade all along, but these photos show that she will have a much role than we anticipated.

Ravager/Rose Wilson as portrayed in the comics
Ravager/Rose Wilson as portrayed in the comics

Is this version of Ravager somehow related to Deathstroke? Or is this just a new take on the DC villain?

Rochev is a rich character in the DC universe of course. In the comics, she grew up in Siberia and was inspired by Robert Queen (Oliver's father) to find power for herself one day. After he died, she became CEO of Queen's Consolidated (similar to the show) and became an antagonist to the rest of the Queen family due to her love for Robert. She has tried to kill Oliver many times and often wears the jewelry of Moira, Robert's wife.

She's pretty awesome, BTW
She's pretty awesome, BTW

The show has deviated quite drastically from this premise, however, since Isabel has been a love interest (tentatively) for Oliver, as well as an ally of Deathstroke. It seems like her goal is the same when it comes to making Queen's Consolidated great again through the weaponization of Mirakuru, but it's unclear how this all relates to Rose Wilson.

Perhaps we'll just have to wait and watch the finale for ourselves.


Who do you think Summer Glau really is?


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