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I wanted to be part of your world once. Then I realized I'd have to see your face everyday.

An amazing Disney movie fan has taken creative license to re-imagine classic and new Disney animations and films to how they really should be... with everyone's favorite little meme kitty: Grumpy Cat! Because who doesn't love memes, Disney movies, and cat pictures?

The Circle of No


Everything the light touches... I hate.

When Will My No Begin

Flynn Rider wanted me once. I cut him down.

Tale As Old As No

He said he'd be a beast forever. I said "So be it."

A Whole New No

"A new fantastic point of view"? No. "No one to tell us no"? NO.

Let It No

Grumpy cat can't hold it back anymore.

Once Upon A No

Before you ask, this is my business casual.

When You Wish Upon A No

I'll make you BOTH real puppets.

Li-No and Stitch

Wanted alien space criminal? As long as I can keep the gun.

Bella No

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