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A few months back I wrote an article asking if the Necroscope series will ever be made into a movie.

Now comes the good news Evolving Pictures has bought the option to one of my favorite horror series "The Necroscope" written by Brian Lumley! According to their website

WHAT’S IN THE WORKS: (All info is subject to change.) * Necroscope®: The Movie: Ta Da! … As you all know, the option has been paid by Evolving Pictures for the last six years … now, they have totally bought out the option … which means that the likelihood of a movie coming to pass is stronger than it was before. But you must remember … Hollywood is a strange planet and all you can do is keep your fingers crossed. . I am happy to report that Evolving is now looking for financing for the film and we’ll have a new contract coming in any time now…

No news on whether Glen Hetrick(Face Off, hunger Games) who had announced that he was writing and producing The Necroscope on the show Face-Off will be involved but Evolving did include a photo of one of his necroscope models so the guess is Opticnerve studios will be involved.

That's gotta hurt!
That's gotta hurt!

Evolving pictures has announced though that they will be looking to release the film in 4D. That's right I said 4D! according to their website that goes something like this-

The extra dimensionality refers to the introduction of other sensory stimulants in addition to the 3-D movie. Typically, 4-D presentations will add misters, snow machines, bubbles, theatrical fog, or other water-based effects to spritz or envelop guests during pivotal scenes. for instance, dangling above a waterfall, the plight of a 3-D enhanced Princess Fiona seems all the more precarious when accompanied by copious water droplets in Shrek 4-D at universal Studios parks.

You can find out more on their website which includes a mysterious timer counting down to some event.

You can check out my previous post on Necroscope here

Sounds a little scary but it's got me tingling with expectation!


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