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Zachary Zdziarski

Captain America has never been this good, when I watched it I fell in love with this movie instantly. One of the major things I liked about [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) is that they had cameos of villains like Batroc the Leaper and Arnim Zola. It was sad at sometimes and it was exciting the next. Sebastian Stan was terrific as The Winter Soldier and I felt as if they will make a separate movie for him. There were also some easter eggs like when they mentioned Stephen Strange. This movie was spectacular it beat out Avengers and that is a hard task to accomplish. Another thing I liked about this movie is how it and [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) are going through the same thing where they can't trust anyone and then there's Falcon who was a great supporting character. I will definitely go watch it again before it comes out on DVD.


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