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So I found this issue of a 95' Wizard year end'er and in it contains a fan cast. Now remember this was a fan cast from the 90's, and that being said also remember Marvel hadn't made a decent movie yet. Furthermore fans back then had no clue the possibilities of how good super hero movies could be made. Some of the suggestions make me want to laugh and others make me wish that they had made a movie. Finally, here it is!

  • Patrick Stewart as Prof. X! (He was a fan cast before there was even a movie possibility!)
  • 2, Micheal Dorn as Bishop
  • 3, Dolh Ludgren as Colossus
  • 4, Michael Biehn as Cyclops
  • 5, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Gambit
  • 6, Iman as Storm
  • 7, Tia Carrere as Psylocke
  • 8, Nichole Kidman as Jean Grey? (Personally I think she would have been better than Famke)
  • 9, Glenn Danzig as Wolverine (HOLY CRAP DOES HE LOOK THE PART)
  • 10, Clint Eastwood as Cable
  • 11, Clancy Brown as Sabretooth
  • 12, Rutger Hauer as Magneto
  • 13, Rebecca de Mornay as The White Queen
  • 14...This last one is disturbing...Some 90's pro wrestler called "Vader" as Juggernaut

So Tell me what you think of this 95' fan cast, and who was the best fan cast'ee in the comments below?


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