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Sci-fi, survival, post-apocalyptic Earth, bizarre mutations, space walks, teen drama and love stories. Honestly, about nine months ago when I first heard of this series, they had me at 'sci-fi'. Defiance has spurred my appetite towards the genre so much that I found myself waiting impatiently for the premiere.

And so it came.

The pilot showed lots of promising story lines to get covered throughout the series and the photography wasn't half bad either. The acting was ok, lots of new faces to me (no offense) but the supporting cast back on the ship paid off. And yes, they gave us all of what they'd promised to deliver; whether it was all we expected to see, that's another story.

We met Clarke, whose mother is the ship doctor nicely played by Paige Turco, imprisoned back at the Arc, for helping her father, the now dead Arc engineer. She's taken alongside 99 other prisoners in an experimental mission to Earth (hence 'The 100'), to see if it's possible to live here once again (after 100 years in space).

All is well until they land, deprived from any communication with the Arc and miles away from their last-known food source. From then, they split into those who are, I suppose, taking it all very seriously and wish to know their surroundings and survive, and those who just wish to rebel (against what yet again?), bum around in the forest or bully each other.

The pilot was good enough though, and I always follow my theory of sticking around for at least two episodes to give the series a 'real chance'. So I did. On the other two episodes so far, what we see is more rebellion, more terrible things happening to them as a result to their stupid decisions and more mysteries to unfold into at least a couple more seasons.

Well, if shows like Lost have taught us anything is that, throwing a pile of mysteries on screen will only account for thousands of brilliant explanations to be given (or not) to incredibly hard-to-please fans. There's no amount of love stories to atone for that, nor some well-done CGIs.

The 100 isn't bad. (Really, it isn't bad.) It's got potential to hook a great fan base and to provide real entertainment. It just has to figure out where it's going and how long it's gonna take to get there. After all, these great ratings the show's been getting will be self-sustaining.


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