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K. Lee Adams

Let me start by saying I am not excitedly anticipating the new Fantastic Four movie. I don't read comic books and while I definitely enjoy superhero movies the Fantastic Four as characters just don't really appeal to me (no offense to hardcore FF fans out there). Whether the movie is great or a complete failure remains to be seen and ultimately doesn't matter to me (though I hope it's good for those of you who are excited for it) but I just want to address this whole "sibling" thing with Johnny and Sue Storm. Obviously many people have a problem with the race change of Johnny from white to black. I defend a number of you in that I believe you to simply be resistant to change and understand your desire to see the characters you've grown up loving in their original forms (though it's undeniable some people out there really are just racist and are appalled that a black actor has been cast in the role of an originally white character). Those people can eat shit and choke on it but as for the rest of you as I said I can understand and sympathize with your desire to keep things the way you know them to be. But a lot of people keep saying "I don't have a problem with a black Johnny Storm but it makes no sense that his sister is white, they should have made her black, too." An obvious answer here is adoption but people seem to be forgetting there are a lot of interracial couples out there with bi-racial children. I am one of them and I wanted to post the photo of myself and my sister to maybe help people wrap their heads around it a little better.

This is my sister. Not my "half-sister", not my "step-sister", but my actual flesh and blood sister. Our mother is black and our father is white. My sister is my mother's complexion and I am more my father's. I may not look completely white but I'm clearly of a much lighter skin tone and whenever we're out together with her kids people say things like "you two made such beautiful children", only to be surprised when we reveal that we are siblings, not a couple.

Again, let me stress that I'm not an FF fan and I don't care about this new movie. I just wanted to try and show how Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan could be explained as flesh and blood siblings rather than the obvious answer of adoption or step-siblings. And please, people, stop fighting. Either see the movie or don't, embrace it or don't but stop talking shit to each other. It's not going to help in any way.


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