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Michael Judd

Meet the villain Nemesis. He was the most powerful villain in the eighties, until he was defeated by the super hero Outer Space Boy. Now he is in prison serving a fifty year sentence. Or is he?

Outer Space Boy - a super hero story is a mock documentary about the world of super heroes. Plot: Danial wanted to make a documentary about super heroes, but he was getting nowhere. Suddenly manila envelopes giving the locations of villains and super heroes appear, and he is thrust into the adventure of a lifetime.

Outer Space Boy - a super hero story currently does not have distribution because I am showing it at select locations first. In the story the SASHAs (Sidekick and Super Hero Awards) were referenced. The first ever SASHAs just finished a successful season. Look to see who won in the seventeen categories for 2013. Want to help nominate the sidekicks, super heroes and heroes of 2014 in all media. Go to


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