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Well, the Winter Solider was everything it was hyped up to be. It was emotional and amazing. So many great things done and so many questions brought up. If you have not seen the movie, this may be the time to walk away until you have. This has many spoilers and this is the last and only warning.... that said. Here we go!

In no specific order we will run done some of the questions left through this movie. (which I am sure will be answered in later movies)

With the final fight scene ending with Bucky (the Winter Solider) pulling cap from the water to save him, does this mean that we will see Bucky return? I am sure the answer is yes. With Evans contract running short and him saying that he is done after that, we can only assume someone will need to replace him. Even in the comics Bucky took up the mantle and became the Captain. The final end credit scene shows him going and learning that Cap was not lying and that he truly was his friend. A confused Bucky stands in awe of the information that Cap was telling the truth and him putting his mind back together. I believe we will see him again in the Avengers too as Cap's sidekick or at least a cameo. Within these next few movies Cap will make the final sacrifice and die. Leaving Bucky to take the helm and lead.

Next we are left with the tiny yet some what bothering question of Batroc. After a fight where Cap leaves Batroc laid out on the floor. He ends up escaping and running for his life. Not being defeated will we see him again? Not a huge question but one I hope the answer to is, yes! I loved the fight scene and the outfit made for the movie. I hope to see him again, even if he is only a thug.

Will we see an actual uniform for Falcon in the upcoming [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)? The more iconic red and white? I loved him in this movie and the actor did an amazing job. Even not being a super human he made an impact in the story and was an impact on the movie as a whole. What will his role be in the future of the Marvel movie universe?

and my last point and question is with everyone's favorite point. The twins. We see a crazy Quicksilver, bouncing off the walls and trying his hardest to escape. He looks mangy and insane. I like it. With his sister, the Scarlet Witch, in the cell next to him manipulating blocks with her mind. We all know that they can not be "mutants" in the movies (thanks a lot Fox) and that there will be no mention of their father. The set up (along with the footage taken in south Korea with the semi) it seems that the set up will be genetic altered humans. So someone created the twins? Baron Von Strucker will be the one leading this? Hydra is the ones behind making them? It leaves so many questions that I have no answers to. I can say that I am dying to see it all play out! I trust Marvel to make this an amazing movie and blow us all away!

There are plenty more questions to be answered but those are the few that stuck out to me. What questions do you have after watching it? Tell me in the comments below and let's talk! Make sure to check out the Nerd Wife Review from Projects Playground here! and as always, This is Steps!


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