ByTyler Lagomarsino, writer at
Tyler Lagomarsino

There were many rumors going around on what was going to happen to Brian O'Connor since the devastating accident that occurred to Paul Walker. Many assured Brian O'Connor would just be retired out of the films. Screenwriting changes are being made, which is the reason the film was pushed back to April 2015. Apparently losing Paul Walkers character was not an option. What if i said he was still going to be in it? Universal believes that they will make more money by keeping his character in the film. Walkers face and voice would be recreated using CGI (computer generated imagery). This could go terribly wrong and look horrible, creepy, cheesy, or just weird. CGI has been getting better over the years and if used correctly it could benefit the film. Oliver Reed had passed away while filming Gladiator. They used CGI and no one could really tell the difference! Is this a good move by Universal, or should they have just had Brian O'Connor retire? R.I.P. Paul Walker.


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