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Daenerys Targaryen

My tale recommences with my leading what remained of my Khalesar across the Red Waste in search of shelter. Alone and heartbroken, I was determined to deliver my promise to my people. I sent out my blood riders in different directions to explore what lay in the seemingly endless land of nothing, quite gallantly risking their lives for their Khaleesi (such a lucky girl I am). As we waited, I amused myself with playing with my dragons who were naughty little things and refused to eat. My younger brother had failed to teach me that much about our ancestors scaly friends. Giving up trying to force them to eat their greens, I tried raw meat, which again only left me frustrated. (This mommy thing is harder than it looks.)

Eventually a horse returned, Juicy Jorah finding the severed head of its rider in his saddle bag, a stark warning to me from our rivals in the desert. It seemed that a woman leading a Khalesar was not looked upon well. The next to return had had more success. An invitation from Qarth, a great eastern city, offering us shelter (me thanking the gods for I was in desperate need of a manicure by this point) Qarth however provided a less than glowing welcome, the vile creatures daring to make demands of me (do they not know who I am) to see my babies. My stubborn refusal did not go down well with the cities pompous rulers, but we were saved by one dignitary in the form of Xaro Davos... something I cannot pronounce, whom offered to stand our patron. Thankfully Xaos said he was ridiculously rich and his home nothing short of palatial, quite the novelty after months on horseback in the sand. A pretty dress and good food truly do wonders for a girls mood!

We were even thrown a welcoming party, introducing us to the city, and the chillingly creepy warlock Pyat Pree (not convinced he was not Voldemort in disguise) Pree's party trick was replicating himself, rather impressive if he looked less like a walking talking skeleton and did not make my skin crawl. Not surprisingly his offer to join him at the oh so enticing sounding 'House of the Undying' was rather swiftly passed over.

Our respite gave me time to earn my 'Best Mom' badge and teach my babies to fire and eat their food themselves, using a very simple but rather pretty little word: Dracarys. Flame grilled it seemed is their preference. Training them to breathe fire on my command will be a rather useful trick in future I feel, and well worth the singed hairs and loss of Juicy Jorahs underpants collection caused in the process. Our host seemed little surprised to learn of my desire to claim my birthright, but rather insensitively felt it necessary to ask me how long my BFF had been in love with me (AWKWARD) I deflected the statement somewhat quickly, as ridiculous. Xaro seemed rather pleased with his guests, particularly my beautiful but rather slutty handmaiden Doreah, who I had sent to his bed to find out more about him. (Move over Daniel Craig 00Dany here)

So pleased in fact that he offered me his supposed vast fortune in exchange for my hand in marriage (just...eww) As stomach churning a possibility that seemed, I could not ignore the wealth he offered out of hand, I need to return to Westeros, and I put the proposition before the man I trust most. Cue jealous juicy Jorah..cue my finally realising that what Xaro has said was true..he really did love me. (NOW things will be awkward) His words were enough to persuade me that I needed no husband to regain my rights, and nothing short of knee meltingly swoon-some: even to the hardest of heart:

"You have a good claim, a title, a birthright. But you have something more than that. You may cover it up and deny it, but you have a gentle heart. You would not only be respected and feared, you would be loved. Someone who can rule and should rule. Centuries come and go without a person like that coming into the world. There are times when I look at you.. And I still cannot believe you are real"


I of course turned Xaro down, and also learn that the Baratheon usurper was dead, his heir a boy born of incest now sitting where I should. (Remind me to have the Iron throne disinfected when I take it back) The nobles of Qarth each in turn either refused my pleas for a ship or offered me one in return for my body (I think not!) to return to to Westeros and after furiously refusing them all I came back to find carnage..My men slaughtered, the very people I had sworn to protect laying in pools of blood around me, Irri dead in my chamber and my dragons gone. Cue angry Dany.. Cue murderous Dany NOBODY TAKES MY DRAGONS! The council of thirteen investigating the incident revealed Voldemort Pree as the culprit and that my would be suitor would seize the city and make himself it's king. Once again I was betrayed by those who professed to help me. The council was murdered before my eyes and I ended up with no choice but to flee. Determined to rescue my babies I dragged a reluctant Jorah to help me, finding them in the house of the undying.

Faced with Voldemort Pree and yet more magic tricks I found myself quite alone and without my erstwhile protector. The visions I was forced to endure were nothing short of soul shattering. My husband and son.. As real as if I could touch them, pleading with me to stay with them. But as much as my heart yearned to do so, I would not fall for the warlocks tricks, knowing he would keep me there to draw power form my dragons and I. I have a higher purpose. I had no time for his games. Finding my babies in chains and right royally fed up of the damned place and Voldemort pulling bunnies out of hats, I used my pretty little word once more, and treated the walking skeleton to a rather lethal bath of dragon fire.

I escaped the dreadful place and returned to find my missing handmaiden in bed with the treacherous Xaro. By now my Targaryen temper was quite as hot as Voldemort's smouldering body and I had both her and the vile Xaro locked in his not surprisingly empty vault and left them to die. Serves them right. (Don't mess with Dany) Leaving with as much of the cities gold as I could carry to buy myself a ship, I departed the not so ' greatest city that ever was or will be' and wended my way with a new determination to destroy those who would oppose me.. With fire and blood.

It seems my dears that I am not going to have the easiest of rides to gain what I wish. However I can assure you that what happens next, will be even more exciting.


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