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I just read an article on this site talking about a cinematic war with DCCU vs. MCU. In the article, the writer has a very negative look at the DCCU. He basically said that DC has no chance at even competing with Marvel at the box office. So I began to put myself in the executives shoes at DC/WB; and I asked myself "What could we do to get on top?" KINGDOME COME! The next thing that came to my mind is how would we do it. These are my thoughts and opinions. There has been no exclusive information given to me.

So, I was in charge at DC/WB, the first thing I would do is hire the right person to run the new Cinematic Universes division of WB. The person that we would need to hire is someone that needs to be Even-Keeled. Someone that understands what comic/movie fans wants, as well as what is going to make money. David S. Goyer. He has shown that he understands what would make a good or great movie. Once that has been done, we will check all the properties that we own when it comes to DC. Guess what.....WE OWN IT ALL!!! Unlike Marvel, who owns a majority, DC owns all of it's comic book characters. Now that we have that small issue out of the way. Out of all the stories we have put out in print, what move have the true comic book fans would want to see on the screen....hmmm....I've got it Kingdom Come. Why Kingdom Come, because that would be one of the epic movies ever done. Close to the "Ten Commandments".

So we start with Kingdom Come; we find a screen writer and/or director. Secretly start casting for the main characters and working on locations, costumes, and CG effects. Once we have completed our main casting, we announce that we are making "Kingdom Come" and have casted Mr. A, Mr. C, Ms/Mrs. B, etc. First off, you want to surprise Marvel with the announcement. Secondly, we will earn the respect back from the fanboys/fangirls. Next is to start on the main storyline properties such as Flash, Aquaman, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern.

Once we've started filming, we make another announcement, that we are going to make "Speeding Bullets". Our plan would be to put out at least 2 films in one year every 2 years for the next ten the math. One Elseworlds and one main line.

I feel that the only way for DCCU to compete with MCU is to play the Elesworlds card. They were great stories that took the character out of his or hers normal setting and put them in situations where do something that they never would do. So, what do you guys think?


Should DC/WB look at Elesworlds for ideas for movies


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