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Judge Dredd is a terrible movie on its own, but Dredd 3D just completely blew it out of the water. Dredd 3D was so good that it made Judge Dredd immaterial. Frankly that movie now doesn’t exist anymore. [Dredd](movie:39136) 3D was a far more faithful interpretation of the original comic books. The tone, the style, the action, the characters etc…everything in the 2012 version is exactly as it should be. But most of all, like in the comics and unlike that film that no longer exists, Dredd never ever takes off his helmet. Thank you!

Karl Urban as Dredd only has the bottom half of his face to work with in this film and yet he's the absolute perfect casting choice for Judge Dredd. He rocks this movie. He’s in it for pretty well the whole time, we never see his face and yet we’re totally rooting for him throughout. Urban is a very underrated actor in general, so he deserves more recognition in awesome roles like this.

Speaking of underrated, Olivia Thirlby is also very good in her role. And as if we didn’t already know from Game of Thrones, Lena Headey is fantastic as the evil drug-lord Ma-Ma. Perfect casting all around. The cast is great and the characters are good, and then you get to the action which is phenomenal. Every bit of hyper-violence is seen in beautiful detail. There’s not a single moment of action that bores, drags or feels redundant. Every kill is more creative than the last. And thankfully nothing ever feels gratuitous because it’s all part of the story where everything in it totally fits.

Another great aspect is the visual style. Director Pete Travis showcases in 95 minutes a flawless eye for visual grandness and sheer excellence. But on top of that, the slow-motion was extraordinary. More often than not however, slow-motion is terribly abused and used for the sole purpose of making things “look cool”. But not at all here in Dredd 3D. I mean yeah all of the slow-mo stuff looks really cool. But more importantly it’s all totally motivated. The slow-motion actually serves a purpose to the story, and that could not make me more happy. I haven’t been this impressed with a film’s use of slow-motion since The Matrix.

So yes that’s saying an awful lot. It’s a fact that Hollywood is flush with remakes, reboots and sequels these days. But if Hollywood wants some good advice, it’s that they should seriously start doing remakes in the vein of Dredd 3D. Seriously, if you want to remake or reboot something, do it like Dredd 3D and you’ll be well on your way. A sequel for Dredd 3D has been in talks for ages now, but is still not officially green lit. Karl Urban had brief message to report for fans in the video below:

Karl Urban hopefully suiting up again, putting on the famed helmet and just killing everybody in his way? Yes please!!!


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