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Michonne is without a doubt the womanly adaptation of Daryl Norman Reedus), because she’s hard-boiled by her memoirs and she can be a loner at times. Also, Michonne’s a total package of bad-ass “walker killer” who can slice/dice a walkers head off, cut down walkers like she’s knitting and drinking lemonade on a summer’s day... Michonne deserves just as much mention and credit as Daryl. Danai Gurira plays Michonne with fearless grace and ass-kicker with class. As a fan I always look forward to Michonne go crazy bananas on “walkers.” Her snarls are priceless but her smile in mid-season episodes were gems in a world of lawlessness and a lack of humanity. Clearly, Michonne would win in a contest of how many walkers can you kill in a minute if it came down to a contest between her in Daryl.

There is an ease that is demonstrated when Michonne goes samurai with Katana sword. The character “Michonne” has darkness for walkers that will keep her on edge even though her relationship with Carl and Rick has curb some of the shadows but there will always be a strong vengeance to kill “walkers” after all they killed her son. Michonne wants to live and not just survive as the walkers. If you think about this character, she permitted herself to be a “walker” she surrounded and walked with the walkers…she was invisible. Michonne taking the baby-food to the prison was the beginning of her transformation. into the living and no longer being dead to the living and ended her surviving in obscurity.

It was clear that when Michonne was living at the prison she was leaving to avoid getting close to “team prison,” not realizing she was part of the team. The moment she decided to get close, that's when all hell erupts around her and folks were torn away from her…not in the least Hershel. The loss of Hershel and the prison and all the closeness she'd finally permitted herself to attain was gone. Therefore, Michonne took that as clear memorandum from the human race that, "I was right, you can't get close to people; that's how you get hurt. Michonne was thinking…I lost Andrea and I lost all these people so buck it. I had the right idea. Let me get some new walker pets and walk the world in obscurity because that's how you in actuality stay safe emotionally/physically." Having the character turn away from drowning in the darkness again was brilliant with that walker massacre illustrated how Michonne was fighting the darkness to stay in the light. Seeing a walker that was similar to her was the fuel for her own personal fire to fight against the darkness.

Her finding Carl/Rick was genius because it permits the fans of this show to learn more about the complex character. This character has become an integral part of the show especially regarding Carl and Rick. As the story goes, Rick will trust Michonne with the life of Carl as he would trust Daryl. Out of the two storylines, Michonne’s is the one with the least true character development. It serves more as a chance for us to see a bit more into whom she was before she joined the group and what turned her into the impassive/uncomplaining woman she is, in a zombie world. That strong outward show appears to be in possibility of shattering, as Michonne is learning the significance of being a part of a group (quite the change from the Michonne we first met last year). Clearly, Michonne is coming around to the thought of having people by her side. However, Michonne still hasn't lost her ability to kick some serious “walker” butt.

If Daryl is Rick’s brother should Michonne be a sister or love interest for Rick? I rather see her with Rick than Tyreese. There is a ying/ying but a yang with Rick and Michonne, how about a power couple for the zombie world Samurai Michonne/Sheriff Rick.


What name would you give Michonne and Rick if they were a couple?


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