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Anthony Mackie recently debuted as Captain America's sidekick as the impressive new character 'The Falcon' in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973). However as it turns out, when Mackie got the call from Marvel, he was preparing to sign a contract to be none other than the exciting Marvel superhero and Avenger: Black Panther! As he comments:

“Oh definitely, When I finished the Hurt Locker, I felt my career was on this huge upswing. My goal, as an actor, when I first started, when I was 21 years old, I said I wanted to be a super hero, and I want to do a western, preferably with Clint Eastwood. And then Morgan Freeman took my damn role in Unforgiven, cause that dude could have been 22″, he says jokingly and adds Freeman being amazing.
“After Hurt Locker, I contacted Marvel and I was like, in any capacity you can use me I’d love to be in one of your movies. And I did that every 6 months for 5 years until I got a response, and they said Neeeever email us again, we’ll call you, and I was like damn! I’m never going to be in a Marvel movie.
And then a year later, I got a call and they said come to L.A. we want to talk to you about a character. So I’d been constantly working on the idea of Black Panther in all the emails I sent them, Black Panther was always a topic, because I always felt that, that was such an amazing character. And I know they’d been developing it for so long, I just felt like it would be such a perfect fit.
But when we met for lunch they pitched me the Falcon, so it was never an idea of them coming to me saying we’re developing Black Panther for you but we’re doing Falcon. It was me asking them about Black Panther because I read that they were developing it, and them saying no it was the Falcon. But if it was Black Panther, I wouldn’t have been mad about it. But Falcon is, kinda dope, I mean if you look at what they’ve made this character into, he’s unlike any other super hero. And I think once you get into his back story, and once you get into who he as actually become, being a soldier, working at the VA hospital, and all the things about his character and his person. I feel like it would be equally as gratifying to play the character. “

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What do you think? Would Anthony Mackie made a good [Black Panther](movie:9047) in marvel's mooted movie?


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