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The latest Marvel One-Shot film known as 'All Hail the King' recently revived hopes that 'the Mandarin' would become a substantial marvel villain after [Iron Man 3](movie:24391)'s huge plot twist fake-out, which saw the character turn out to be just Trevor Slattery, a drug addicted British actor. However, with reports saying that Robert Downey Jr. is signing on to reprise his role of Iron Man only for the Avengers sequels, and not the Iron Man film franchise more generally, it seemedlike this revival would be a waste. But it turns out that isn't exactly the case.

All Hail the King actor Matt Gerald has just signed onto Marvel's Ant-Man movie as an un-named villain. However, in the Marvel One-Shot, he played the character of White Power Dave. Its not likely that Marvel would knowingly sign him for two different unrelated characters, so chances are he will be taking on the role once more.

With the character being a prisoner, there are a handful of different ways you could introduce him into the storyline of Ant-Man, including prison break, his sentance was carried out, etc. but one of them stands out among the others and could also give us a little insight to the plot of the film.

From Scott Lang's wikipedia page and origin story:

Scott Lang was born in Coral Gables, Florida. He turned to burglary when his occupation as an electronics expert failed to support his family. Apprehended, he served his prison sentence and was paroled after three years for good behavior. In prison, he furthered his study of electronics and was soon hired by Stark International to work in its design department. Under Stark's direction, he helped install a new security system in Avengers Mansion.

This fits only too well with everything we know so far: Avengers Tower was easter egg'd at the end of the Avengers, and a sneak peek is seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. All Hail the King takes place in Seagate Prison. Having Paul Rudd's character Scott Lang, Ant-Man and presumed main character, start off with him in Seagate Prison, and then paroled and hired by none other than Tony Stark would be the absolute most perfect way to incorporate him into the Avengers.

In fact, as it turns out Scott Lang has quite an origin with Ant-Man.

Lang donned the Ant-Man costume on various occasions, primarily to assist Iron Man and the Avengers. When Iron Man became trapped in his armor, Scott saved him.

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Could this be part of the reason why Joss Whedon chose to re-structure Ultron as a creation of Iron Man rather than Ant-Man in the cinematic universe? With the Scott Lang/Tony Stark connection, Ultron could easily switch over to being an enemy after Avengers 2. That is, if Ultron can survive the movie.

[Ant-Man](movie:9048) and [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) hit theaters next summer. Watch All Hail the King on Thor: The Dark World on Blu-ray and DVD today!


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