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Debaditya Bhowmik

For the past couple of months everyone's been running crazy hearing about the latest master film -

"Superman vs Batman"

But it may not be what we thought it would be ,it might turn into something much more...something the world has awaited for might be -


The idea may seem a little too crazy but its not totally discardable.It was born out of many small things. Firstly the introduction of wonder-woman...

what is wonder woman doing in a film of Superman vs Batman? the answers to this questions may vary - maybe she is here to give an intro to something much bigger?

Gal Gadot -wonder woman
Gal Gadot -wonder woman

What if wonder-woman's presence will bring forward something much anticipated? Hence Justice League...


The Flash.

Many of us are known to the fact that a new TV series on the flash is starting...Why would WB start screening a big time hero such as Flash in a small screen? Yeah its been done before (the 1990 series) but why just at the brink of the introduction of superman vs batman? is it to popularize the DC universe..?? May be, but one thing a TV series does is clear the path for a movie....

So can we expect Flash to be in the Superman vs Batman movie? although just rumors but yes, maybe we can...

The flash.
The flash.


The Green lantern,

There has been many hints that a new lantern will be introduced, either Jensen Ackles castes as Hal Jordan or Dwayne Johnson castes as Jon Stewart .

Thats something we don't know much about ,but IGN did reveal a little hint about that-

But what ever the story suggests we may be seeing a lot of green lanterns.....

And now fourthly ,

The cyborg-Ray Fisher....

and it was even explained at variety:

After testing actors over the past couple of weeks, Warner Bros. and DC have tapped theater actor Ray Fisher for the role of Cyborg in the untitled Batman-Superman pic. Well that's all i could get MY hands on..... Although just a rumor but evidence suggests that there will be a JL movie and it may be in the superman vs batman movie.....


Do u think it would be cool if Superman vs Batman turns out to be the Justice league movie?


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