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Dr. John Blenio

Between the two post-movie scenes --- as the credits are rolling up the screen and the music is playing --- there is a subtle audio track of the voice of a woman talking. You can **barely** hear it, so if you go see the movie again, make sure to tune your ears in very very carefully.

At first I thought the voice was some woman in the theater, but as I looked around me, I didn't notice anyone having a conversation. It had me a little confused at first, because I had no idea where this talking was coming from.

To better hear the talking, I cupped my hand around my ears to help focus the sound better.

I couldn't hear much of what she was saying, but it seems Marvel did a good job timing some of her more important words with pauses in the music track.

She mentioned something about Steve Rogers and The Falcon. But then, she said, "the Black Panther will return."

That's it! That's all I was able to hear. If you missed this little audio nugget, you might want to go see it again to confirm me wrong or right. At this point, I'm not sure, but I think I caught something others may have missed.

With that, does this mean that The Black Panther could be a new character introduced in the next movie [Captain America 3](movie:994409)?

Your guess is as good as mine.


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