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Do you ever feel like you've seen this movie before even though it just came out on the big screen? Or maybe you have seen it before but it was remade...and remade terribly... Well here's a list of Hollywood's biggest cliches.

1. Black people always die first .

Think this is just a rumor? Think again... Check out this link. I was just watching The 100 last Wednesday (really great new show!!!) and I hate to give away any spoilers...But guess who was officially the first to die?

2. Unrealistic romance movies and their similar story arcs.

Girl meets guy - girl likes guy - girl and guy start hanging out - queue big bad plot pushing antagonist- girl defeats antagonist - girl does something cheesy to get guy back- girl gets guy- they live happily ever after.

You can also switch this around...

Guy meets girl - guy likes girl - ect... You get the picture.

The hero tries to sabotage the wedding of his (her) best friend she (he) suddenly discovers that he (she) is the man(woman) of her (his) life... Maybe marriage isn't for people who almost marry someone but then decide after one speech that this other person is their one true love...

Anyone in a real relationship knows there is more to a relationship than this, and that relationships are wayyyyyyyyy harder.

3. Action movies tend to repeat the same lines.

for example:

A. Villain explains their diabolical plan... Before the protagonist counter attacks, they say, "you know, you talk too much."

B. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just kill you right now.”

C. “Time is the one thing we don’t have!”

4. High School movies.

Do I even need to explain?

5. Directors putting their own twist to an old classic.

C'mon, this doesn't make you original and hardly ever bodes well with the audience. You want to wow people? Come up with something 100% original.

6. Sex doesn't always sell.

Did that random half dressed bimbo really add to your story? Or did she just take up screen time because you thought it would draw in more people? Here's some advice, quality sells...Not sex.

"Hey dude, was that movie good?"

"Nah, but there's a hot chick with a nice rack in it."

"Cool story bro, I'm going to go waste 15 bucks to see something I can see for free on the internet."

7. Along with 1, why is the token minority always "ghetto", talks in slang, and/or has a rough criminal past?

Is it not impossible to think that we're not all so different?

8. Aliens.

Ahhhh, they're going to kill us all!

Ahhhh, kill them all!

Star-crossed (a new CW tv show) is a breath of fresh air from the normal Alien vs Humans story.

9. Love triangles.

As if a guy/girls only option is between two people out of the ENTIRE world.

10. Bombs have LED timers and the protagonist stops it with just 2 seconds to go.

Man, terrorists are considerate and who needs the bomb squad when the terrorists nicely color coded the wires so that you can disarm it by cutting the red wire?

These are just ten of hundreds of cliches. List your biggest pet peeve cliche below in the comments!


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