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To start off, I am making these next 3 articles as an insight to what it would be like if (when?) Ben Affleck directs his own standalone Batman movies starring the Oscar winner himself. I chose to make it a trilogy due to having it compare to the previous Batman trilogy, in which I'm putting this trilogy up against movie-for-movie. I chose carefully which villain should be in these movies as well as how it will differ from Nolan's. I'm excited! Are you?! Let's get started:

Batman: Hush of The Red Hood

Story combines: Batman: Hush, Batman: Under The Red Hood, and Batman: A Death In The Family.

Directed by Ben Affleck


With the only thing we know of Batfleck is 2016's Batman vs. Superman, (just imagine you've seen it, for the sake of this article) we have yet to see Bats in a standalone film where it's all about him since 2012's The Dark Knight Rises.

The movie takes place before the events of Man of Steel and even before that. The 1st scene is a flashback in which Batfleck and Jason Todd are on a mission. The point of this scene is not only to witness the badass action (which Nolan lacked) but to get a feel for this new Batman universe and how it visually looks more true to the comics Gotham city than ever before.

The most important aspect in this scene is to understand that The Bat Family does exist in this world and plays a major part in it as well. This movie focus' on the Jason Todd relationship and how it plays into the rest of the movie.

I'm going to try to keep this as short but as detailed as possible.

This trilogy is going to have 2 ongoing storylines. 1 of them is the constant flashbacks of Bruce Wayne's history and how it affects whatever is relavant to the movie plotline at the time. Also, a certain villain who is going to appear in the 3rd and final film so the 2 movie build-up will make it that much more exciting.

Batman & Jason Todd are out on a mission due to Nightwing flying solo and Batgirl unsure about taking up the mantle due to Jim Gordon's strong disapproval. Basically there's a "Why wont you leave me alone and let me protect Gotham by myself" from Todd while Batman is the overprotective one who's very skeptical of leaving Todd on his own.

There's a bit of a fallout between the 2 and Todd decides to ignore Batman and go on a mission without his authority.

Thus the Death in the family storyline starts, Todd is setup by the Joker, kills Todd, and Batman is to late. This haunts him for the rest of the movie.

The movie then fast forwards to present-day where another flashback happens with Bruce Wayne as a kid interacting with his friend Thomas Elliot. Pretty much the origin of Hush is introduced, setting him up to be the main villain in this movie.

Ra's Al Ghul is also present in this film as a neutral character who seeks out Bats in later movies. He is solely there for a scene or two talking about the disappearance of Todd and Ghul's interests to find him.

Other villains are present in the movie but as everywhere from mentions to a small fight scene in which they end up being defeated. I chose Killer Croc for this movie for 2 reasons: 1, to make a non-human villain come to life in a live-action Batman film and to introduce Nightwing as they will be both fighting. 2, to further differentiate from Nolan's films and focus more on the fantastical side of Batman.

If you've read any of the 3 comics (or all of them) that's exactly the tone I'm trying to reach for this movie. Introduce this already established Batman, his family, tell his origin story through a 3rd party character (maybe Batman himself, Jim Gordon) and have the flashbacks become relevant to the current and the future history.

In Lehman's terms

Introducing Jason Todd/Red Hood as a villain and have Batman try to track him down, uncovering facts and realizing it's Jason Todd all while the bigger plot is a childhood friend, Hush is terrorizing Gotham (maybe red hood has a change of heart and helps Batman). This Batman is already a vet so no need for a history on Nightwing, Catwoman, they just appear and we have to accept that. Ra's Al Ghul is the facilitator behind all of this but his use is not until later in the trilogy. Killer Croc is also introduced in a sewer scene vs. Nightwing. Death in the Family mixed with Batman: Hush in a live-action adaptation. Hints at the Riddler in the sequel. Stay Tuned!!


Bruce Wayne/Batman: Ben Affleck

Alfred Pennyworth: Jeremy Irons

Jim Gordon: Bryan Cranston

Dick Grayson/Nightwing: Blair Redford

Selina Kyle/Catwoman: Emily Blunt

Thomas Elliot/Hush: John Hamm

Jason Todd/Red Hood: Any child actor for the young Jason Todd. Jensen Ackles for Red Hood/grown Jason Todd.

Ra's Al Ghul: Jason Isaac's


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