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Ain't Them Bodies Saints director David Lowery already has a lot of projects lined up for the future, however, he's no doubt increased his blood pressure by adding a classic remake (and all the controversy that brings) to his workload.

The director, which exploded onto the scene with his above-mentioned Sundance debut, has signed on to direct and co-write the modern remake of 1977 Disney classic, [Pete’s Dragon](movie:896681).

We already knew a remake was on the cards and that Lowery and long-time collaborator Toby Halbrooks were on scripting duties, although now it seems Lowery has also agreed to take on the directing responsibilities. This means he can add Pete's Dragon to his already swelling list of future work obligations, including writing and directing [The Old Man and the Gun](movie:920204) , writing and directing former David Fincher project [Torso](movie:927198) , producing Alex Ross Perry's [Listen Up Philip](movie:1065853), writing and directing sci-fi flick Two and writing and directing an adaptation of The Yellow Birds.

The original Pete's Dragon told of a story of friendship between a boy, Pete, and a magical dragon which could turn invisible (as well as doing other dragony things). The duo team up in an attempt to flee from Pete's abusive adoptive parents. Although little is known about the remake of Pete's Dragon, IndieWire are reporting that it apparently "reinvents" the core of the film and drops the musical elements which were worked into the original.

Among the rest of Lowery's commitments, Pete's Dragon certainly stands out. It'll be interesting to see how a director who made his name with a gritty, indie crime flick will turn his talents to a kid's film about a dragon who likes having his tummy rubbed.

What do you think? Are you glad to see Pete's Dragon getting a remake, or this this another example of the modern film industry trying to ruin your childhood? Let us know your opinion below.


Are you glad to see Pete's Dragon remade?


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