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Good news for Easter egg fans! Those who've already seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier may have noticed that, during a scene in which Cap takes out his 'pop culture list' to add Marvin Gaye's Trouble Man to it, there were several items already on it.

Unsurprisingly, the list includes landmark cultural events such as the Moon Landing, the Berlin Wall going up - and coming down - and the rise of Disco, Thai food and Nirvana. More surprisingly, the filmmakers went to the trouble of producing different lists for the global market. Or, rather, a whole bunch of them.

As reports, the lists found so far aren't comprehensive, but they do show some entertaining variations. Check them out below:

No.1 - The Latin American list:

Including Shakira, Octavio Paz the Nobel prize winning poet and Neri Vela, the first Mexican Astronaut. All of which suggests that Cap has been hanging out on the beach in Mexico more than the movie suggests.

Number 2 - The Italian list:

Featuring, of course, Roberto Benigni (star of Life is Beautiful) and Ferrari. Which makes sense - Tony Stark seems like the kind of guy who'd own Life is Beautiful on Blu-Ray and at least five Ferrari's, so presumably he'd have been happy to lend them to his new teammate.

Number 3 - The South Korean list:

Which of course begins with Dance Dance Revolution - A practical joke played by Loki, perhaps?

Number 4 - The British list:

Which includes Sean Connery and The Beatles - as well as a sneaky Sherlock right at the top of the shot there.

What do you guys think? Would Cap be a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, or do you think Robert Downey Jr's Holmes would be more his sort of thing? Let me know below!


Who would be Cap's favorite Sherlock?


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