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Warning: may contain Sons of Anarchy spoilers, especially for those not completely up to date.

Sons of Anarchy is entering its seventh and final season. And after the chaos of Season 6, fans are eagerly awaiting what the SAMCRO crew will get up to this time.

Last season saw Jax's mother Gemma kill his wife Tara. And there are rumors this time around that Sons of Anarchy Season 7 will see the return of Jax's former wife Wendy.

There is also speculation of a romance between Tig Trager and Venus Van Dam.

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And according to series creator Kurt Sutter, it will be the psychology of the the characters rather than the blood and mayhem of the last season (although it is probably best not to count that out entirely) which will drive the season forward. He said:

It really is Jax completely untethered and on his own in the final season...It would be difficult to rid of characters like Tig and Juice and Chibs, especially with Opie gone. They feel like family to people. You have to be very careful not to be arbitrary in terms of who lives and who dies

So what do you think will happen in Season 7? Can you see all the main character making it the entire season, or is someone bound to get themselves killed? Write in with your thoughts below the line.

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Who is most likely to die in Sons of Anarchy Season 7?

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