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Jobs, eh? While we might lament being forced into shirts or having to hide our tattoos in the workplace, at least our bosses never ask us to dye our hair bright orange!

Alas, the same isn't true for Kristen Stewart. The brunette beauty has transformed into a tangerine dream for her upcoming role in [American Ultra](movie:1165829).

Check it out for yourself in the Instagram pic posted by the salon responsible below;

Most leading ladies wouldn't be able to pull off this grungy dye job, but something about it is just so KStew. You just know that down-to-earth [Equals](movie:1155043) actress would be totally cool with being a ginger goddess for a few months, and it really suits her pared back no nonsense styling. Shame she had to have those epic roots for that extra touch of realism though!

American Ultra sees KStew reuniting with her Adventureland co-star, Jesse Eisenberg. The Indie dream duo play a couple who are forced to confront some dark secrets from the perpetually stoned Eisenberg's past.

So, is anyone going to go all-out-apricot in homage to KStew? And, more importantly, who will be going to see her luminous locks in action in American Ultra? Share your precious pearls of wisdom below!


Kristen Stewarts new look is...

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