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Stop the press! Some girl who probably never dated Robert Pattinson is now DEFINITELY not dating Robert Pattinson!

Apparently last year Rob was romantically linked to actress Riley Keough, but pictures with her hunky new boyfriend reveal she definitely isn't connected to Pattinson now.

Keough was rumored to be dating Rob after she had to audacity to stand close to him at Kristen Stewart's birthday party in 2013, but as far as I can tell, that is as far as it went.

Even if they did have a brief fling, Keough is so over it thanks to her beefcake new boyfriend, stuntman Ben Smith-Petersen. Check out the pics of the two lovebirds below:

Is it just me of does Keough bear more than a passing resemblance to our beloved Kristen?

Who votes some intern at TMZ also made this observation and churned up the dating rumors on the back of this fact alone? I mean, if Robert Pattinson liked one girl with that elfin look then he will totally go for the rest of them, right? Come on guys, you are going to have to be more sophisticated than that to twist my cynical arm!


Who will Rob be 'dating' next according to the gossip rags?

(Source: Entertainment Wise)

(Images: Tumblr, Entertainment Wise via Splash News)


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