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Robert Pattinson is in the dog house with the prop department on the set of Life after destroying an incredibly expensive piece of equipment with his butterfingers.

A source on set claims that the Hollywood heartthrob dropped a vintage camera valued at $10,000 during a staged media scrum. Alas, the poor relic was beyond rescue. According to Showbiz Spy:

Rob apparently yelped “whoops!” as the camera fell to the floor and smashed into a million pieces

The ever-polite British actor was bursting with apologies though. The source said that;

Rob quickly started scooping up the broken pieces, apologizing profusely

Thankfully, the star was entrusted with another antique, just with added conditions!

He was given another vintage camera, but this time the director made him wear a neck strap — and as soon as the scene ended, a prop person ran up and snatched back the antique!

How embarrassing!

[Life](movie:974904) is due to hit theaters at some point in 2014 and features Robert Pattinson playing a paparazzo who starts an extraordinary friendship with James Dean.


Who would you rather let handle your vintage vase?

(Source: Showbiz Spy)

(Images: Poly Auction, Popsugar)


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