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The Walking Dead showrunner, Scott M. Gimple, has finally spoken about the shocking events of the season finale and coyly admitted that even though human remains were seen in a cage at Terminus, it doesn't necessarily mean the 'Termites' are cannibals:

As far as the bones go, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they ate those people – but it definitely doesn’t seem like anything good happened, either. We’re going to learn more about Gareth and Terminus [early next season], with answers that will come fast and furious.

OK Mr Gimple, then how do you explain the meat on the barbecue?

They have a grill, but it might have simply been a parallel to the fact that [a barbecue] was the meeting place of everybody in the prison community.

Really? The barbecue is a call back to the prison? It sounds to me like Gimple is trying to put us off the scent, but the problem with that is the scent smells a lot like human flesh.

If it wasn't people on the barbecue then what was it? I didn't see any livestock wandering the lanes of Terminus (apart from the human kind). And what was with the people looked up in containers being fed powdered milk?

The only other explanation I can think of for the gruesome goings-on at Terminus comes from a deleted scene from the finale. It showed a room next to the 'church' which contained chained-up walkers. Could these be the dearly (undead) departed of the Termites, who are fed on those unfortunate enough to stumble across this charnel house?

What do you think? Cannibals or walker feeders? Let me know below the line.


The Termites are...

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