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Warning: May contain The Vampire Diaries spoilers!

The upcoming Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18 "Resident Evil" looks like it might go a long way to getting the series back on track.

A few weeks ago The Vampire Diaries recorded its lowest ever ratings. There has been much speculation as to why - but it now seems that might have just been a temporary lull, as the series announces new twists and turns to its complex plot.

First of all, this episode will see the introduction of new villain Markos - a suave, cool customer who nevertheless has a "unsettling presence".

Markos, a new brooding The Vampire Diaries villain 
Markos, a new brooding The Vampire Diaries villain 

And secondly, Elena - who has just broken up with Damon - may be about to re-open a old wound as she and Stefan cannot help having involuntary sex-dreams about each other. And Damon finds out!

You can take a look at the episode promo here:

So what do you think? Who is Markos? What is causing the sex-dreams? And is this the start of another messy love triangle situation for Stefan, Elena and Damon, with old feelings being re-awoken? Write in with your thoughts below the line.

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Who do you think Elena will end up with: Damon or Stefan?


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