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Tom Hardy, he of Bane fame, is back, and this time he's got an adorable puppy with him. His latest film The Drop, co-starring Noomi Rapace and the late, great James Gandolfini, features the heartthrob adopting a pit bull puppy after finding it abandoned - which leads him to far grittier problems than it sounds.

The newly released trailer gives a good impression of the film's murky New York underworld setting, as well as suggesting that English-born Hardy's American accent is as good as usual. The film also seems to have an intriguing central relationship between Hardy's reformed criminal bartender and Gandolfini, his equally one-foot-out-of-the-game boss. It's worth checking out the trailer below for the chemistry between the two alone.

So what do you guys think? Will The Drop be a fitting final film for James Gandolfini, or should we just stick to remembering him for The Sopranos? And will Tom Hardy be able to carry a movie of this weight? Let me know your thoughts below!


Can Tom Hardy carry as serious a film as The Drop?


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