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Mickey Rooney passed away today at the defiant old age of 93, calling time on an astonishing 87 year career. The all singing, all dancing, 5'2" actor really did see it all. A quick glance at IMDB shows a career of 360 titles, four of which come out this year, but there's so much more to his particular story.

In 1939 he was voted the No. 1 box-office star by theater owners of America. He picked up an Oscar Nomination that very same year for Babies in Arms, the first of four musicals he would make with Judy Garland for MGM. He was #1 again the following two years and would make a whopping $12 million before he turned forty. But the actor had his vices and would lose it all again. He was left bankrupt, washed up, but made a comeback on Broadway almost twenty years later and has been ever present since.

From the top to the bottom and then back again he really did seem to grab life by the balls. He married eight times, picked up four Oscar nominations and made over 200 films. He will be missed.

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(VIA. The New York Times)


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