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Rory O'Connor

Last Friday marked the first anniversary of film critic Roger Ebert's tragic death. To commemorate the date we took a look back at this wonderful gushing episode of Siskel and Ebert from 1999 in which the late critic looks back over the career of Stanley Kubrick.

With a focus on Eyes Wide Shut, Ebert rounds up four of his critical colleagues, including the great Jonathan Rosenbaum, to discus what made Kubrick so unique, the contrasting forces in his films and, as one critic puts it, the "nice smart things underneath".

There is something quite sacrilegious about watching clips from the director's films in such poor quality and perhaps the line-up could have used one naysayer but this still makes for a solid twenty minute viewing.

Check it out and let us know what these two fallen heroes mean to you in the comments below.


Kubrick's best?


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