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Knock Knock, Who's There? It's Keanu Reeves, and his next movie role certainly doesn't look to provide any comedy relief!

After his turn in martial-arts spectables 47 Ronin and his directorial debut Man of Tai Chi, Reeves has now turned his attention to something with a little more grit; Eli Roth's low-budget "psycho-sexual thriller" Knock Knock.

In the movie Reeves will play "a happily married family man who’s left alone for the weekend. Two beautiful girls show up at his house, and turn his life upside down." Huh, I could think of worse things to ruin my weekend...

When talking about the movie, Cabin Fever and Grindhouse director Eli Roth revealed that Knock Knock isn't your average horror movie, saying:

I had a window before I promote Green Inferno, and I wanted to make a movie like Roman Polanski or Paul Verhoeven made when they were young, a classic psychosexual thriller that’s not a horror movie, but would have everyone on the edge of their seats.

While it’s not a straight-up horror flick, it’s probably the closest Reeves has come to the genre in a long time. Constantine had some pretty creepy parts, but it was more of a supernatural vibe, really. And as for his turn in Dracula? Well the scariest thing there as probably Reeves' accent! Still, Reeves certainly seems to be making some hefty career moves at the moment and anyone who's ever seen The Matrix knows fully well that he's got the chops. I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store, here!

Production for Knock Knock begins on April 14, so stay close for more news!


So far, Knock Knock sounds pretty...

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