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Afflicted is the story of two friends who decide to video-blog their trip around the world.

But after they set off on what they believe will be the trip of a lifetime, something happens to one of the friends that will change their lives forever.

It all starts when he sleeps with a girl in Paris, and is then found covered in mysterious cuts and bruises, without memory of what happened. The friends try to laugh it off and forget it - but then he is gripped by seizures, his eyes change and he begins to froth at the mouth.

And that is not even the weirdest part.

The man now Afflicted also seems to be able to jump extreme distances, punch through walls and run faster than a speeding car. But where will this lead?

Take a look at the trailer here:

A new poster has also been released for this movie (see above). But what do you think? Are these new powers going to make him a sort of superman, or is he mutating into something more horrific, like The Fly? Write in with your thoughts below.

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Is he becoming a superhero, or mutating into a dangerous creature?


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