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What is The Leftovers?

Imagine a global rapture after which 2 per cent of the population of the entire globe is simply gone.

You might have lost your child, your husband or your wife - and you did not know where they had gone, if it was heaven, an alien abduction, or something else entirely.

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What would you do? And how would the rest of the world react to such an event? You might want to follow your loved ones. Cults would arise promising they new the truth and anarchy could easily in the face of such an extraordinary event.

This is the world of The Leftovers, the new drama from HBO that depicts a world struggling to reorganize itself in the wake of such an event.

And the show has predigree. It was created by the Lost showrunner Damon Lindelof and noir-writer Tom Perrotta. Check out the first teaser trailer here:

So what do you think? How excited are you about this show? Do you feel the rapture, or will you be one of The Leftovers? And what would you do if 2 per cent of the world suddenly vanished?


What would you do if you were left behind after the Rapture?


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